Middleboro Veterans' Memorial Park
The Middleboro Veterans' Memorial Park Committee has constructed of a new lasting memorial to all Veterans especially the Veterans of Middleboro, MA. The Memorial Park consists of a 50 foot circle containing a granite compass rose filled in with bricks that can be engraved with Veterans names as memorials. The center of the circle has an elevated granite circle in which there is a 40' flagpole. Surrounding the circle is a granite wall increasing in height from being level with the brick surface in front to about 2.5 feet above the brick surface in the rear of the Park. Surrounding the granite wall is a concrete walkway passing by dedicated monuments and benches. A Brick walkway leads from the street to the circle. The bricks on this walkway can also be engraved as memorials to anyone--veteran or non-veteran.
One focus of the Park is the All War Memorial, which has existed for decades, and is dedicated to those who gave their lives in the armed conflicts in which this country has been involved. Another focus of the Park is a blue spruce tree that was planted and dedicated to the memory of Wayne Caron who lost his life in Vietnam and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Additionally, there is another blue spruce tree that was planted and dedicated to the memory of Patrick Regan, who served in World War I and was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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